Vice Chancellor Office

  • “… And We sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people, and so that Allah may make evident those who support Him and Hismessengers unseen. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.”
    (Surah Al-hadid 25)

    Achieving excellence through learning is mandatory on every Muslim as per legacy of our great religion Islam. Above quoted verse is one of the many verses in Quran highlighting importance of Engineering education and learning. Modern science owe many inventions, innovations and the origin of sources to present day scientific knowledge and revolutions to our great ancestors; the Muslim Scientists & Scholars. People of Balochistan are one of the most blessed on earth by all means; our vast land is full of most precious treasures materially and spiritually, we own the longest coast in Asia 1700 km on the opening of strait of Hurmag (Hurmuz) till Karachi, Mehrgarh is the jewel of nine thousand years old Shaal-Naal civilization where the very basic tools of human civilization like wheel were invented. Wheel is taken as the foundation of Engineering civilization, as its invention made transportation / traveling easy and speedy, its use in pulley and other basic instruments made engineering & economic development faster. From Mehrgarh we made impact on the neighboring civilizations of Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Babylon as its grandchildren. If we can do it then; we will & can Insha’Allah do it now. On spiritual front Khuzdarians & Baloch people have the unique honour to be the FIRST ONES in sub-continent to embrace Islam in the era of Caliph Hazrat Omer Razi’Allah Anho and this area used to be part of Caliphate for centuries with a Governor appointed by the Caliph of Muslims.

    BUETK, which took birth as an engineering college established back in 1987, has transformed into a sizeable university serving as center of excellence in engineering education, research and outreach. BUETK being a premier academic and research institution is committed to impart quality education through tremendous and beneficial learning and teaching environment. We believe that every student has the requisite potential and our aim is to see that this potential is nurtured, fostered in right environment and give back to our society a talented engineer from a student. Such a committed, learning-centered approach to education means that we have a happy and purposeful community that struggles for excellence in all academic activities. I am proud of my team of intellectual teachers who are committed, management staff who are selfless-devoted and other senior appointments who have vision & nobility.

    Though challenges are great, difficulties are insurmountable; but my team of TOUGHERS WILL GETTING GOING, there is no peak which they can’t put flag on Insha’Allah. From the basic engineering programs at undergraduate level and masters in Computer Sciences, our motto is to climb the higher ladders now; our university has to broaden its undergraduate and postgraduate programs Insha’Allah to encompass numerous disciplines which could not be originally envisioned. In long run Doctorate and Market Oriented Industrial Research will be our targets.

    My own focus will be embedded in raising the educational & research standards at par with the best universities of the world. With the spirited team of dedicated & high caliber faculty, talented students & faithful staff, BUETK is expected to strive hard for achieving many milestones in near future Insha’Allah. I am certain that with the support of His Excellency Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif having special affection for Balochistan, our Honourable Chancellor, Govt of Balochistan, and prayers of our well-wishers, BUETK will become paragon of excellence and the top model university in Pakistan Insha’Allah. We at BUETK are to be trend setters and leaders; not followers. Remember we are off-springs of Shaal-Naal civilization; THE INVENTORS OF WHEEL.

    “My Lord! Bestow Hekma on me, and join me with the righteous.”

    (Aayah - 83, Surah Ash-Shua’ra)

    Prof. Brig (Retd) Muhammad Amin, SI(M)

    Vice Chancellor

    Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar