Registrar Office

  • I appreciate your interest in Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) study programmes and assure you that you are making a right choice. As our prospective student, you will find that our campus, located at the foot hill of Halwai, Hills in Khuzdar, offers enormous and unique opportunities for academic, social, and personal growth. Khuzdar is located at the hub of Balochistan Province connects the Mekran coast with other parts of the country; it has an importance in history being the pathway for Iran and Arab territories. The city is honored to have the tomb of Hazrat Sinan R.A. Which evidence the more than thousand years old history of Khuzdar, our university boasts a rich cultural diversity, and is steeped in traditions of hospitality.

    BUET is a chartered public sector university devoted to academic excellence in teaching and scholarship. Its nationally accredited and recognized programmes prepare our undergraduate student population for leadership and service in their respective disciplines. Cognizant of the dynamics of higher education, the faculty and staff of BUET engage in ongoing assessment and improvement of the curriculum and other university programmes to meet the needs of students and the community. Additionally, the University strongly stresses character development that includes cultural, social and ethical values.

    We are proud to showcase a seat of higher learning in the engineering sciences from the traditional to the cutting edge; we offer a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines to students in a far flung area of the country.
    We believe engineers should be centrally placed in policy making at all levels, and that is why our teaching sharply focuses on developing leadership skills; this way our graduates take their very relevant professional knowledge, and leverage it into a potent tool for sustainable development of the nation.

    I warmly welcome you to our “home”.

    Sher Ahmed Qambrani