Program Objectives

The educational objectives of BE Mechanical Engineering programme are:

    1.  1. To impart knowledge in the field of mathematics, science and engineering.
    2.  2. To develop problem solving skills necessary for productive careers in Mechanical Engineering and other professions.
    3.  3. To enables the students to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data.
    4.  4. To enable the students to effectively use modern technologies in communication, research, and problem solving.
    5.  5. To enable the students to formulate engineering problems and design a mechanical engineering system or component to meet desired needs.
    6.  6. To develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills to effectively solve engineering problems.

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Program are exposed to issues dealing with people in relation to themselves, society and the environment and understand the need for social, professional and ethical responsibility in engineering practice.