Mehanics And Material Testing Lab

Name of equipment:      Precision Universal Cutter
Model Number: MC – 411
Quantity: 01


Description/ Rang of Experiments:
This is a precision cutting machine with an automatic feeding device. Thin sections can be sliced with parallelism + 0.02mm.

For the practical purposes, this cutter is use for preparing the samples for microscopes, hardness testers and universal Testing Machine.


Name of equipment:      Automatic Polishing Machine
Model Number: ML – 201
Quantity: 01




Description/ Rang of Experiments:

This is a grinder to grind glass, metal, ceramics, silicon, etc. by combining the phase difference in the force of the lapping machine in the X-Y direction which is generated by the rotation of the motor and grinding jigs “Kenobi”.

This machine is use for polishing the samples for precession work e.g. for hardness tester and Metallurgical Microscopes by means of abrasives of different grades according to the required surface finishing.


Name of equipment: Rockwell hardness Tester
Model Number: MRK – M
Quantity: 01



By using a standard indenter an indentation by applying a reference load and then applying a test load. When returning to the standard load depth deference is obtained between the two indentations made by the reference load and test load. A depth of 2 microns (2/1000 mm) is displayed on an indicator as one Rockwell hardness unit.

Range of experiments:

Determination of Rockwell hardness numbers of soft and hardest material by using steel ball indenters and diamond cone.


Name of equipment:     Brinell Hardness Tester
Model Number:             BH – 3 – CF


Description/ Rang of Experiments:

Brinell Hardness Tester is an instrument for measuring the Brinell hardness numbers (HB) by indenting a steel ball through applying a hydraulic pressure. The values are obtained by applying the standard formula.


Name of equipment:     Shore Hardness Tester
Model Number:             SH – D


Description / Rang of Experiments:

The construction of Shore System Hardness Tester is such that, dropping a Diamond-tipped hammer (about 36 g) from the height of 3/4’’. Each operation of dropping, lifting of Diamond Hammer, and indication of scale can be performed smoothly just by revolving control knob.


Name of equipment:     Ultra Sonic Flaw Deter
Model Number: UFD – 308D




Description/ Rang of Experiments:

Ultra Sonic Flaw Detector plays an important role in the field of non- destructive inspection such as;

  1. Inspection of welds
  2. Internal inspection of iron and nonferrous metals
  3. Internal inspection of glass, ceramic, hard rubber and synthetic resin materials.
  4. Inspection of flaw by fatigue of shafts, wheels, rollers, shafts, etc.
  5. Inspection of lamination.
Wall thickness measurement for tanks and pipes.


Name of equipment: Metallurgical Microscope (Mano - Trincular Dynamic)
Model Number:


Description/ Rang of Experiments:

This instrument is used for inspection of surface structure of the metals such as ferrite, cementite, austenite etc. The microscope consist of different anti -reflection coated achromatic objectives lenses having different magnification power for easy and clear observation. This is use for inspection fractures after the tensile test , fatigue test, compression test and also the flaw inspecting of the work pieces after the various treatment process.


Name of equipment: Portable Pyrometer
Model Number: TOSHIMA 120 – 1
Quantity: 02



Description/ Rang of Experiments:

It is an analog system temperature measuring instrument which use for measuring the high temperature by applying two input wires up to the range of  given thermocouples.


Name of equipment:  Optical Pyrometer
Model Number: IR – U
Quantity:  01





  • This is a disappearing filament type optical pyrometer having no moving parts
  • It can measure temperature over a wide range from 700 0C to 3500 0C.
It can easily measure the temperature just by depressing the push button and the measured value can easily be read on the measuring scale.


Name of equipment: Universal Testing Machine
Model Number: RAT – 100 – DE
Quantity:  01



Description/ Rang of Experiments:

The values of load and displacement are indicated by digital. The X – Y Recorder automatically draw a Stress-Strain graph on a graph paper by means of a recording pen.
Main unit of this machine is having constructions of carried out following tests.

  • Tensile test
  • Compression test
  • Bending Test and
Shear Test


Name of equipment: Scratch and Micro Hardness Tester (Vickers Method)
Model Number:
Quantity: 01


This unit is an epoch – making hardness tester which serves for both Vickers and Knoop Testers.
Except reading out for measurement on indentation, measuring operation can be carried out full automatically. Start and end of operation are indicated by pilot lamps.
The measuring microscope is of precision with a scale division of 0.5 u. It has magnifications of 600 with opening ratio of 0.65 and observation can be made in detail on structure and condition of test sample surface can be observed correctly.

Range Of Experiments:

  • Scratch Hardness Test
  • Knoop Hardness Test
Vicker,s Hardness Test


Name of equipment:  Creep and Rupture testing Machine
Model Number: CRL – 3000

This 03 ton creep testing machine is use for determination of the creep characteristics of metals. Electric furnace has capacity up to 1000 0C and control panel consists of temperature controller, x-y recorders, extensometer, overheat protector, dial indicators and digital timer.


Name of equipment:       Repeated Torsion and Bending Fatigue Testing Machine
Model Number: FTS – 80



The purpose of this instrument is to determine the “Fatigue limit’ of materials.
In addition to the test to run repeated stress tests by repeating positive and negative loading in equal amounts, the fatigue test can be performed on this machine by applying a repeated static load to the material in addition to the load. Following tests are performed.

Rang of Experiments:

  • Torsion Test
Repeated Bending Test


Name of equipment:      Dynamic Balancing Machine
Model Number: DN – 5V
Quantity: 01




In a dynamic balancing test, the detection of unbalance is accomplished by directly measuring the amplitude and the phase shift on the vibration mount or the bearing, or by applying as external vibration which has the same resonance frequency as the vibration due to the unbalance to the unbalance vibration with certain means to compensate, there by determining the measurement method” or direct method.

In this instrument, the vibration due to the unbalance of the rotating body is converted into an electric signal with the vibration pickup, the electric signal is sent to the operational circuit and the amplifier, and then it is indicated on a meter.


Name of equipment:      Spring Testing Machine
Model Number: Type AS – 10 – S
Quantity: 01




This machine is used for loading test of laminated spring, coil spring and bolster spring of small vehicles. The maximum loading capacity is 10 tonf. The load applied through a hydraulic powered pump and x – y recorder automatically draws a graph against load and deflection during the testing.

Rang of Experiments:

  • Stiffness of coil springs and leaf springs.
  • Buckling test of a spring.
Compression Test of small specimens.


Name of equipment:        Polari meter (Polax – D)
Model Number: 5221 – E01SM
Quantity: 01




Description/ Rang of Experiments:

This is an optical measuring instrument which is made to find the concentration of the optical activate material in the sample material.
Sucrose is one of the major optical activate materials and Polari meter is designed to indicate the international sugar scale – just by switching.

For all other samples a rotate angle is used for such measuring purposes.


Name of equipment:       Toyo Optical Densitometer
Model Number: DMU – 33C
Quantity: 01


Description/ Rang of Experiments:

It is a versatile and universal type Digital Print – Out Densitorol which accepts a cellulose acetate film, disc or thin layer chromatic graphic plate, and incorporates a complete IC Circuitry for resulting high optical density

Measurement and integration offering thus a stabilized and reliable analytical data at any time we need.


Name of equipment:      Vibration Testing Machine
Model Number: TCV – 100 – S
Quantity: 01


Description/Range of experiments:

This machine is used for durability testing TV sets, Stereo sets or similar size and weight of products, and also parts and accessories of transportation vehicles, air crafts and vessels.


Name of equipment:       SPARK TIMER
Model Number:
Quantity: 01 set




Description/ Rang of Experiments:

This is a power source which outputs pulse voltage. By connecting to this “Spark timer”, motion of an object (metabolic conductor) is dotted on the recording paper (electrical discharge recording) by means sparks. The sparking interval 9frequency) is changeable, which makes this apparatus applicable to various kinds of experiments by using different adopters.

  1. Parabolic motion on a slope
  2. Potential energy and kinetic energy of pendulum.
  3. Single oscillation
  4. verifying that acceleration in motion may be expressed by the formula of    

a =, by making the Atwood’s test.

  1. Test for confirmation of the rule of energy preservation in each motion of a simple pendulum and spring pendulum.
  2. studying uniform acceleration of drop motion and obtaining gravitational acceleration.
  3. Measuring the moment inertia of a disc.
  4. Verifying the fact that, when an object is slipped down from a spherical surface, the position from which the object separates is at 2/3 R (48.1 deg) to vertical and besides is used for verifying the velocity of the object at that time.
  5. To confirm that the course of a ball moving on a surface having different in height will bend and that at this time among the incidence angle  , the bending angle  , and the velocities V1 and V2 before and after the bending of the ball, there is relation of 
Determining the velocity of a ball and the tension from its center by giving circular motion to the all.


Name of equipment:  Ripple Tank for Over Head Project
Model Number:
Quantity: 01


Description/Range of Experiments:

This is an instrument consists of a ripple tank, water wave generating device and accessories to test and observe the natures of water wave, such as,

  • Reflection of parallel waves
  • Straight line reflection of circular waves
  • Parabolic reflection of circular waves
  • Refraction
  • Diffraction and
Interference by using O.H.P


Name of equipment:     Stroboscope
Model Number: MS -230A
Quantity: 01




This instrument is used to measure,

  • Number of revolutions
  • Number of vibrations
Observations of dynamic phenomena of various moving bodies by utilizing human visual afterimage effect.


Name of equipment:      Elastic Loop Dynamometer
Model Number: 100 tf.


Description/Range of experiments:

Elastic Loop Dynamometer used for calibration of the load amplifiers of spring testing machine and Universal testing machine and like these. The values of the load are indicated on calibrated dial indicator.


Code: MD - 38
Name of equipment:  Tool Maker Microscope


tool maker microscope

Description/Range of Experiments:

This precision instrument is used for inspection of the angles of different tools used in workshop. The objective lenses work as a protractor up to 360o angles and both cross feeds consists of micrometers thus making precise measurements.


Name of equipment:       Surface Roughness Tester
Model Number: TM – 101
Quantity: 02




The Surf test 402 is composed of various precision instrument used for inspection of the surface roughness value and the printer is a dedicated data processor. It can print measurements and give various statistical data.


Name of equipment:  Height Master
Model Number: 178


Description / Rang of Experiments:

Height measurement with the use of Precision Height Master is to transfer the height (H) of the work piece by means of lever head or test indicator to the height master by setting its gauge block exact to the height (H).The micrometer head allow reading up to 0.001 mm. The tungsten carbide tipped feet are precision lapped to ensure accuracy and durability.


Name of equipment:  Screw Thread Comparator
Model Number: 515-322


Description/ Rang of Experiments:

Screw Thread Comparator is an ideal measuring instrument for checking the pitch diameter of screw thread of precision bolts the like by compression with the master piece. Especially this is very convenient for checking a number of screw threads of the same nominal pitch diameter.


Name of equipment:  Square Master
Model Number: 311-125


Description/ Rang of Experiments:

Mitutoyo Square Master is use for inspection of square ness, straightness and parallelism from measurement data of square ness. Its features well designed mechanism for smooth movement of slider and eccentric shaft for adjustment of machine accuracy.