Program Objectives

  • To enable the graduates to gain and apply relevant knowledge and skill in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  •  Graduates of the Electrical Engineering program at the Balochistan University of Engineering; Technology, Khuzdar will have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow them to make tangible contributions
  •  Ability to meet new technical challenges, contribute effectively as team members, and be innovators in the analysis, design and implementation of electrical and electronic devices and systems.
  •  Ability to communicate effectively and interact responsibly with colleagues, clients, employers and society.
  •  To incorporate social values among students.

  • Strategic plan

  • To build capacity of the graduates through implementation of an up-dated curriculum consisting of core, major and elective subjects based on modern trends in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  •  To build capacity of the graduates through conceptual teaching and laboratory work, home assignments, group discussions, projects, presentations, etc.

  • To improve professional skills of the graduates through mandatory laboratory and field based internships and co-curricular activities such as departmental quizzes, exhibitions and competitions.