Software Development Lab



Installed Software’s:

  • Window 7 Professional 32 bit Licensed

(Operating System installed on all systems).

  • Microsoft Office 2010 32bit Licensed

In Microsoft office students are able to create document file, power point or excel file and they can easily modify those files too and student can make their projects documentation and performance assignments.

  • MATLAB 2010:-

Range of Experiment:

  • MATLAB installation
  • To Generate the MATLAB code of continuous time and discrete time since wave signals
  • Designs IIR filter using placement of poles and zeros
  • Creating MATLAB variables
  • How to write transfer functions
  • Close loop transfer functions of the block diagram
  • Time response of a control system
  • Find bode plot of frequency response of the system if ([ 1 2],[8 6 3] using MATLAB
  • Find ABC and D the state space factor of tf ([2 0],[2 4 3] using MATLAB
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2010:-

Range of Experiment: -

  • To understand Visual Basic and its IDE
  • To create a form working with different properties and events of a form
  • Create a project that get the radius of a circle and find the area of the circle
  • To create a project that covert the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Create simple logic from to illustrate user authentication
  • Create three forms and use buttons to direct from one to another
  • To create a game that ask user to click on multiple buttons in a given time
  • Use a timer to interchange  (animate) image in form
  • Connecting Database using grid view



  • Turbo C/C++ For Windows 7

Range of Experiment: -

Introduction to Turbo C integrated Development Environment.

  • Decision making if and if-else structure.
  • Looping constructs in C-Language.
  • Functions in C –Language.
  • Loop


  • AutoCAD 2010

Introduction to the role of the computer in engineering drawing.

Introduction of software tools (i.e auto CAD) for computer aided drawing.

Introduction, Angles Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons.

User coordinate system, Polar Coordinate System.

Draw Toolbar: Line, Construction Line, Multiline, Poly Line, Spline.

Construction Polygon (Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, and Octagon) Multi text Command.

Modify Toolbar: Erase Copy, Mirror, Offset, and Array. Move, Rotate Scale, Stretch, Lengthen, and Trim.

 Layer Properties, Line Properties, Line Weight.

  • Elements of Circles, Geometric solids Contraction triangles, Parallel lines pointed and tangency.
  • Constructing, Parabola, Constructing hyperbola, Constructing Spiral.
  • Multi view sketching, Dimension and Projection, Function of keys.
  • Constructing 2D shapes, Coordinate entry methods, 2D Shapes Exercise.
  • Introducing 3D drawing, Cube, sphere, and wedge.
  • Cylinder, Cone and Tours.
  • Subtract, Extrude, and Revolve.
  • Preparation of assembly drawing, Union, Assembly drawing Exercise.
  • Freehand sketching.
  • Visualization technics.
  • Advance graphic technics.