Program Objectives

  •  Graduates will be able to successfully practice computer engineering and related fields regionally and nationally
  •  Graduates will be well educated in the fundamental concepts of computer engineering and able to continue their professional development throughout their careers.
  •  Graduates will be skilled in clear communications and teamwork and capable of functioning responsibly in diverse environments.
  • Strategic plan

    1. 1. Keep the curriculum up to date both in content and quality of education offered.
    2. 2. Keep the laboratories up to date not only in equipment and software tools, but also in type and quality of conducted experiments.
    3. 3. Attract and retain high quality faculty members.
    4. 4. Build a balanced education program to effectively blend theory and practice.
    5. 5. Increase external research and training grants and contracts.
    6. 6. Reduce teaching load for research-active faculty.
    7. 7. Conduct periodic surveys of faculty and students to assess the adequacy of departmental computer systems support.
    8. 8. Promote faculty participation in activities that are aimed at developing new research areas and national initiatives.