Computing Lab




Installed Software’s:

  • Window 7 professional 32 bit (Operating System installed on all systems).
  • Microsoft Office 2010(use for projects, assignments etc.)
  • Teradata

Range of Experiment:

  • Creating Database and Users.
  • Execute the different data manipulation of queries
  • Generating Reports using Teradata warehouse miner 5.3.0 express
  • Teradata Warehouse builder visual interface.
  • Turbo C/C++

Range of Experiment: -

Introduction to Turbo C integrated Development Environment.

  • Decision making if and if-else structure.
  • Looping constructs in C-Language.
  • Functions in C –Language.
  • Packet Tracer

Range of Experiment: -

  • Basic configuration of Router.
  • Familiar with routing protocols.
  • Familiar with Telnet command.
  • How to make a DHCP Router.
  • Macromedia Flash Player

Range of Experiment: -

  • Introduction to Macromedia flash with its tools.
  • To be familiar with flash and apply motion tuning.
  • To apply shape twinning on character, word, geometry shapes.
  • To create static and dynamic masks.


  • Adobe Photoshop

Range of Experiment: -

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Create effects of Planet.
  • How to create a looks of rainy drops on a seen.
  • How to transparent an image with background.
  • Windows Server 2008

Range of Experiment: -

  • Introduction to windows server 2008 and installation
  • Installed and Familiar with active directory policies.
  • To Install and configure DNS on windows server 2008
To configure a DHCP server on windows server 2008