Dr. Salah Uddin

  • Dr Salah Uddin was appointed as Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Khuzdar in 2007. Prior to the current appointment, Dr Salah served for two year at BUET as Assistant Professor on Deputation from Communication and Works department, Government of Balochistan, where he held the position of Assistant District Officer for one year. Dr. Salah completed his M.E. in structural engineering from NED UET Karachi in 2004 and his BE from BUET, Khuzdar in 2001. He was awarded scholarship in November 2007 under faculty developing program of HEC, Pakistan for PhD from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. He was awarded PhD in 2012 on his thesis titled "Behavior of Fibre Reinforced Cemented Sand at High Pressures". Dr. Salah was appointed as Associate Professor in November 2012 and currently serving as Chairman of civil engineering department.

    Area of interest

    My research interests are focused on 

    Experimental geomechanics, 
    Advanced soil mechanics laboratory testing (triaxial, true triaxial, directional shear cell, hollow cylindrical torsional apparatus) 
    Fibre reinforced soils (experiments, in situ implementation) 
    Crushing of granular soils 
    Localised deformation pattering in granular soils 
    Micromechanics description of granular soils


    List of workshop attended and supervised

    1 Attended and participated in GECO, Geotechnical Engineering, Challenges and Oppurtunities, organised by Civil Engineering Department, NED UET, Karachi.

    List of Publications (Journal Papers)


    1 UD-DIN, S., MARRI, A. and WANATOWSKI, D. Effect of high confining pressure on the behaviour of fibre reinforced sand, Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA. 42(4), 69-76, 2011
    2 S. UDDIN, A. MARRI, A. KUMAR and S. MEMON, 2013. Isotropic Compression Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Cemented Sand, Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology. 32(3), 381-390, 2012

    List of Publications (Conference Paper)


    1 BAZID KHAN, ABDUL K. KURD, SALAH UDDIN, Utilization of barite powder as a blended cement material, In Proc. International Conference on Advances in Cement Based Materials and Applications in Civil Infrastructure (ACBM-ACI), Lahore Pakistan, pp. 123-136. 12-14 December, 2007
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    9 Salah UDDIN and Amanullah MARRI, Strength And Deformation Characteristics Of Fibre Reinforced Cemented Sand, In 6th International Civil Engineering Congress organized by the Institution of Engineers, Pakistan 28-29 December 2013

    List of Publications (Poster Conference)


    1 Salah Ud-din, Wanatowski, D. and MR Hall, Behaviour of fibre reinforced cemented sand at High Pressures, Materials, Mechanics, and Structures Research Division, Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics, University of Nottingham, UK. Poster presentation. 2012